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Ari the Brave hardcover mockup.png

Ari the Brave's
Jungle Journey

Written by Krystal Wallick

Illustrated by Sarah Nettuno

Ari overcomes his hospital stay.


When a little boy is hospital-bound, he gets through the scary time with his adventurous spirit and wild imagination. A hospital turns into a jungle with young Ari battling rhinos and octopuses in this wonderful tale of courage and empowerment.

Hurricane paperback 3D mock.png

My Feelings are a Hurricane

Written by Anabelle Wallick

Illustrated by Martina Straniero

Have you ever lost control of your emotions?


Sometimes it can feel like difficult emotions happening all at once are too hard to deal with. They swirl and clash together making you feel powerless to the feelings.

Told in playful rhyme, My Feelings Are A Hurricane helps put words to the feelings and gives children coping skills to calm their hurricane.

Magic Dream Fairy hardcover mockup.png

Ari the Brave and the Magic Dream Fairy

Written by Krystal Wallick

Illustrated by Sarah Nettuno


When Ari starts having nightmares, he declares to never sleep again! But then his sister teaches him about Magic Dream Fairies, and his nightmares suddenly turn into silly adventures! Chased by a hungry wolf and a roaring dinosaur, can Ari's Magic Dream Fairy save the night?

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