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Meet Ari

While Ari's story begins in the hospital; challenge and bravery comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Nightmares, monsters under the bed, bumps and bruises. At times, events in a child’s life can seem almost insurmountable when viewed from their perspective. With imagination and empowerment, any battle can be won. Children (and adults) can benefit from the messages of bravery, inner strength, and resilience portrayed in the Ari the Brave series.

During his hospital stay, Ari encounters unusual creatures on his imaginative expedition, including a flying alligator, a giraffe with antlers, a fire breathing rhinoceros  and a river dwelling octopus, "A giant rhinoceros with a great big horn shoots a blazing ball of fire out of his nose. “Yikes! Since when do rhinos blow fire?” Ari shouts. He quickly jumps out of the way. Even though Ari is scared, he wants to prove how brave and strong he can be.... Ari reaches for his sword, raises it high above his head and begins swinging. He yells, “I am brave. I am strong. I can do this!”

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